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Ysgol Mynydd Isa

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dots Curriculum (ages 3-6)

dots is a new mindfulness curriculum for children aged 3 – 6 in schools and pre-school settings. dots has been developed by MiSP in collaboration with experienced teachers in a range of schools and settings.


Learning from all of the sessions is encouraged to be connected to other aspects of the curriculum where and when appropriate. dots has various suggestions for “Have A Go” after each session – both in the classroom/setting and at home.

This curriculum is designed for delivery in a school or pre-school setting and is not suitable to be delivered online to children who are not in a ‘bricks and mortar’ classroom in a school or setting. This is due to both the ages of the children involved and also the nature of the dots materials, practices and activities.


Course Outline

Each dots session is expertly crafted for use to teach a distinct mindfulness skill or concept. The sessions are led in person by the dots teacher. For some sessions, additional resources are recommended.

dots is based around three key interconnecting themes: Awareness, Connection and Emotion. Aspects of these themes include:



  • Awareness and attention
    • Metacognition
  • Anchoring/Grounding/Being Present
    • Calm
    • Curiosity
  • Embodiment/Focus/Concentration
    • Body (Senses, Movement, Stillness, Breath)



  • Connection/Interconnectedness
    • Awareness of others/Social awareness
      • Relationship skills
      • Developing empathy
    • Awareness of World
      • “Awe and Wonder”
    • Compassion – for self and for others
      (Care, Kindness, Gratitude, Wellbeing)


  • Emotional Balance/Emotional Regulation
    • Recognise/Reframe
    • Emotional Literacy (Recognising emotions)
    • Working with distractions
    • Self-management
    • Self-regulation
    • Self-awareness
    • Choices

Dots Mindfulness in Schools Project letter January 2022

What is Mindfulness Leaflet

Our year 2 pupils during one of their weekly ‘Dots’ Mindfulness sessions with Mrs Graham.